Dear Parents,

We are on the go for distribution of certificates. It was a commendable job done by all the kids. We are trying our best to reach out to each and every one for their due Certificate / Medal.

We are thankful for your cooperation , support and understanding for us to cater to more than 500 kids expectations.

We will surely call you and take your prior appointment to reach out and deliver your child’s certificate. It would be either delivered at your doorstep or in the respective school.

Group - A (5-8 years)

First Prize - Dhanistha Nanda
Second Prize - Navya
Third Prize - Karnika Singh

Group - B (9-12 years)

First Prize - Parth P. Saha
Second Prize - Sneha Garg
Third Prize - Dikshant Kumar

The Next Best Drawings ( In Both the Groups)

Ragini Payal
Kunnu Sharma
Sakshi Jaiswal
Nilanchal Upadhyay
Preet Rajora
Riya Kumari
Rajaryan Mishra
Esha Payal
Kanak Sharma
Yoovika Jain
Yashika Buttola
Rahul Singh Bhandari
Palak Mishra
Ami Yadav
Krishna Mishra
Tushar Gupta
Jyoti Arya
Komal Kumari
Kunal Gupta
Priyanka Shaha
Laksh Garg
Hariday Gupta
Bitika Thakur
Rashmi Yadav
Riddhima Dhingra
Bhumika Tyagi
Abhinav Tomar
Anshika Singh